U.S. Marketing & Transportation 

United States

In the United States, Phillips 66 markets gasoline, diesel fuel and aviation fuels. The marketing outlets are owned and operated by independent dealers and wholesale marketers. The majority of these outlets are branded with Phillips 66®, Conoco® or 76® and feature gasolines that have been recognized as TOP TIER™ by leading automakers. These operations are strategically served by the company’s refineries and transportation systems.

In its wholesale operations, Phillips 66 utilizes a network of branded marketers and dealers operating approximately 6,875 outlets. Refined products are sold on both a branded and unbranded basis. The company emphasizes the wholesale channel of trade. We also hold brand licensing agreements with approximately 500 sites. In addition to automotive gasoline and diesel fuel, the company produces aviation fuels and markets them through independent marketers and dealers at approximately 875 Phillips 66® aviationbranded fixed-base operations, the largest branded network in the U.S. general aviation industry.

Europe Marketing


In Europe, Phillips 66 markets motor fuels under JET® through company-owned outlets in Germany and Austria and dealer-owned outlets in the United Kingdom. The company also has an equity interest in a joint venture that markets products in Switzerland under Coop®.

Phillips 66 markets aviation fuels, LPG, heating oils, transportation fuels, marine bunker fuels, fuel coke and bitumen to commercial customers and into the bulk or spot market. In addition, total Irish refinery production is sold to local and international oil companies and independent resellers in the inland Irish market.

As of Dec. 31, 2011, R&M had approximately 1,430 marketing outlets in its European operations, of which approximately 900 were company-owned and 330 were dealer-owned. The company also held brand licensing agreements with approximately 200 sites. Through joint venture operations in Switzerland, Phillips 66 has interests in 250 additional sites.


Finished Lubricants

Phillips 66 is one of the largest finished lubricants suppliers in the United States. It manufactures and markets four major lubricant brands: Phillips 66®, Conoco®, 76® and Kendall® motor oil. The combination of these diverse brands, along with supplying a number of private-label and original-equipment manufacturers in North America, gives Phillips 66 a position in all key lubricants markets. Nationwide, the distribution network consists of marketers, mass merchandise stores, fast lube stores, tire stores and automotive dealers.

Base Oil

The base oil marketing activities of Phillips 66 include the sale of Pure Performance® hydrocracked base oils to an extensive list of customers throughout the world and purchase of a wide range of base oils from several North American refiners that fulfill the manufacturing needs of the finished lubricants product lines. Additionally, Phillips 66 has an exclusive agreement with Korea’s S-Oil Corporation to distribute and market their high-viscosity-index base oils in North America.

Phillips 66 Brands