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How do I determine the cost basis for my ConocoPhillips shares (COP) and Phillips 66 shares (PSX)?
Click here to view the IRS Form 8937 from ConocoPhillips website.

As described in the IRS Form 8937, for U.S. tax purposes, the allocation of tax basis between shares of COP common stock and PSX common stock is based on their relative fair market values (FMV) at the time of the distribution. There are many potential ways to determine the FMV of COP and PSX common stock. One approach may be to use the unadjusted averages of the high and low trading prices of COP and PSX common stock on the NYSE on the trading day after the distribution. Such averages were $56.10 for COP and $33.34 for PSX on May 1, 2012. If this method is used, the pre-distribution tax basis in COP shares would be allocated 77.09% to COP shares and 22.91% to PSX shares. See example below which assumes pre-distribution tax basis of $60 per share in 100 shares of COP common stock:

No. of Shares After Distribution

Avg. NYSE Trading Price on 5/1/12

Total FMV at 5/1/12

Percentage of Total FMV at 5/1/12

Allocated Tax Basis

COP Common Stock





$4,625.40 (77.09% of $6,000)

PSX Common Stock





$1,374.60 (22.91% of $6,000)






What is the Phillips 66 ticker symbol?
Phillips 66’s ticker symbol is PSX. Phillips 66 stock shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

How can I get the current Phillips 66 stock price?
View Phillips 66’s stock information for the latest updates.

Who should I contact about Phillips 66 stock?
Please contact Computershare, the company’s stock transfer agent and registrar, for changes to mailing addresses; inquiries about Phillips 66 stock, or questions about direct purchase or dividend reinvestment programs. You can also contact Phillips 66 Shareholder Services through the Shareholder Services form.

How can I obtain a copy of Phillips 66’s Annual Report?
Annual Reports will be available online in print and HTML versions once available. Printed copies will be available through the request form.

How can I get a copy of the company’s Proxy Statement?
The Proxy Statement will be available online. Printed copies will be available through the Report Request form.

How can I get a copy of Phillips 66’s filings with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)?
SEC filings are available online. You may also register for SEC filing alerts on the same page.

Who should I contact for additional investor information?
If you have additions questions, please submit them through the Shareholder Services form.