Legal Name

The registered legal name of our company is Phillips 66 Company. The Phillips 66 name in text form along with the Phillips 66 logo should be used on all company legal and stationery documents, such as contracts; agreements; applications for copyrights, patents and trademarks; copyright notices; business cards; letterheads; and envelopes. In all other cases, use of the Phillips 66 logo only is sufficient.  

The preferred representation of the company branding is Phillips 66 (without the word Company); however, in certain situations, the full trade name, Phillips 66 Company, should be used. These specific instances include, but are not limited to:

  • Terms of use, privacy, security and copyright notices (e.g., © 2012 Phillips 66 Company).
  • Trademark ownership statement. (The Phillips 66 shield is a registered trademark of Phillips 66 Company.)
  • Legal lines in advertisements and collateral.
  • Contracts and license agreements. (Phillips 66 Company is the entity entering into contracts. Phillips 66 Company is a corporation registered under the laws of Delaware.)
  • Domain name or similar registrations. (Domain name registrations should be coordinated through GIS.)

Externally, Phillips 66 is to be used in its entirety without any abbreviations, i.e., P66. Do not hyphenate the words
Phillips 66.
Phillips 66 is a proper name and must not to be divided at the end of a line of text.

The first letter of Phillips is always capitalized. The number 66 should not be spelled out in text or any graphic other than how it is presented or explained in these standards.

Our policy does not permit the creation of custom logos for business units, departments or site locations. In those instances, the Phillips 66 corporate logo and identifier is the only approved format.