Bayway Refinery

Bayway Refinery

Year Community Panel was Established

Membership Information
The Bayway Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is sponsored by the four member companies operating facilities at the site: Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery; Infineum USA L.P.; Cogen Technologies power plant; and DuPont. Together they host approximately 35 citizen members from four local communities – Linden, Elizabeth, Rahway and Staten Island.

CAP members are selected because they have an interest in plant operations and related topics. Members are associated with or represent civic groups; education; emergency response; environment; health care; merchants/business; municipal government; neighbors or senior citizens. While most CAP members are volunteers, due to their positions within the community, certain elected and appointed officials serve as members.

Meetings are attended by representatives from the member companies as well as community members. The goal of each meeting is to promote a better understanding of the companies and, their facilities and operations by maintaining an open dialogue with the CAP. In addition, CAP meetings serve as a forum to update the CAP on issues of importance to the local communities.

Key objectives include:

  • Addressing health, safety, environmental, educational, and civic concerns, as well as perceptions and expectations from a wide-range of viewpoints;
  • Allowing company representatives to discuss key operational issues involving the chemical plants, cogeneration plant, and refinery and encourage open dialogue on these topics; and
  • Discussing and making recommendations on matters of community interest.


Recent Accomplishments

  • EPA Energy Star Facility
  • Chemistry Council of New Jersey, Chairman’s Award for Issues Advocacy
  • City of Linden Recreation Department, Support for Youth Programs
  • New Jersey Business & Industry Association Awards, New Good Neighbor and Public Service
  • Public Relations Society of New Jersey, Pyramid Award
  • Union County Library Council, Corporate Advocate
  • Supporting the Process Technology Program at Middlesex County College and Elizabeth and Linden High Schools
  • Providing college scholarships to local students


Refinery Manager
David Erfert

Panel Facilitator
George Kostrey, chair
Michelle Doran-McBean, vice chair

Meeting Schedule
Meetings are held quarterly.

Community Awareness Hotline
(908) 523-6005

Did you know?
  • Bayway land was purchased by Standard Oil in 1907. After a construction period of two years, the Bayway refinery's first crude "still" was put into operation on January 2, 1909.
  • Bayway is the largest single refinery on the East Coast and one of the largest in the nation, processing 285,000 barrels or crude oil and other feed stocks daily.
  • If all of Bayway's gasoline production was marketed in N.J. it would supply more than half of the State’s daily needs.
  • Bayway operates the largest catalytic cracking unit in the United States.
  • Infineum’s chemical plant is a joint venture between ExxonMobil and Shell.
  • Cogen Technologies power plant is operated by General Electric.
  • DuPont is a global science company and their Morses Mill sulfuric acid regeneration plant, within the Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery, plays a vital role in the refinery’s daily operations.
  • Bayway Refinery operates a world-scale polypropylene plant.
  • Polypropylene is used in numerous products including cars, packaging, lawn furniture and many more items.