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The Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery launched its Community Leaders Forum in December 2007 as another way to reach out to stakeholders and engage members of our local community. Quarterly breakfast meetings include formal presentations, informal discussions and time to network. This format gives refinery leadership an opportunity to share information and answer questions about our business and community activities. The forum also offers leaders an opportunity to discuss timely community issues and concerns.

Membership Information

The Ferndale Refinery Community Leaders Forum has approximately 40 members including neighbors, refinery annuitants, public school superintendents, local college and university presidents, public safety officials, executive directors of local non-profits and environmental organizations and local, county, state and federal elected officials and staff. The average meeting attendance is 30, which includes members of the refinery's leadership team.

Meeting Schedule

Four meetings are held each year.

24-hour Community Awareness Hotline

(360) 384-8417

For More Information

Jeff Callender
Phone: (360) 384-8550