Sweeny Refinery

Sweeny Refiner

Year Community Panel was Established

Membership Information
The Sweeny Refinery Community Advisory Panel is comprised of approximately 15 to 18 citizen members and 18 company members, with an average meeting attendance of 20. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss plant operations, community concerns or issues, and the current business climate. CAP members are a diverse group, including civic/academic leaders, government officials, business leaders and owners, retirees, and company management. Phillips 66 representatives on the CAP include the refinery manager, environmental, safety and security, emergency response and community relations personnel. Dedicated to generating open and honest communication between the community and the refinery, the CAP plays a vital role. The CAP serves as forum in which the needs of the community and the refinery’s role in the community are shared in a balanced and positive manner.

Ongoing Outreach
Partnering with CAP members, and local contractors, Phillips 66 assists in providing lighting for the community’s annual Christmas holiday events.

Following natural disasters, CAP members help communicate the critical and immediate needs of the communities. Phillips 66 provides heavy equipment and the safe installation of generators to assist local cities and wildlife rescue agencies, including Gulf Coast Bird Observatory. Phillips 66 also provides motor fuel to law enforcement and emergency response personnel throughout the entire County.

Sweeny United is a two-week summer program in which Phillips 66 partners with CAP members, Sweeny high school students, businesses & and churches in assisting the elderly and disabled with home repairs, yard grooming, and the construction of wheel chair ramps.

Phillips 66 has 160 acres of wetland/wildlife habitat sites. The P66Our Employee Excellence Team partners with CAP members and Texas Master Naturalists of Brazoria County to provide site tours and hands-on environmental education to local elementary students.

Refinery Manager
Willie Tempton

Panel Facilitator
Cindy Jordy, Phillips 66 Environmental Team Leader

Meeting Schedule
Meetings are conducted bi-monthly, with facilities and lunch provided by the company.

Did you know?
  • Built in 1942, Sweeny Refinery has the distinction of being the only refinery built from the ground up by the United States Government during World War II.
  • At the time the plant was constructed, a major concern was the possibility that Gulf Coast refineries might be attacked by seafaring enemy forces. Located far enough inland and close to a river, the Sweeny-Old Ocean area was the perfect place to hide a plant. At a crude capacity of 18,000 barrels per day, the Refinery’s primary function was to produce high octane fuel for Allied military aircraft.
  • Purchased from the government in 1947 by Phillips Petroleum Company, its first crude was churned out under a joint venture known as Alamo Refining. Two years later the plant was solely owned by The Phillips 66 Company.
  • Today the Phillips 66 Sweeny refinery has a crude oil processing capacity of 247,000 barrels per day.