Wood River Refinery

Wood River Refinery

Year Community Panel was Established

Membership Information
The Wood River Community Advisory Plan (CAP) is comprised of approximately 15 to 17 community members and five to seven company members and is guided by an external facilitator with administrative support from the refinery.

New members are nominated by current members according to the needs of the CAP. Nomination and voting take place during the CAP meeting or through e-mail, as appropriate. New members will be invited first by members of the CAP and then receive a follow-up letter from the CAP facilitator to confirm acceptance.

The Wood River CAP is a diverse group of individuals committed to a strong presence in the community who are visible, accessible and dedicated to fostering strong open communication between the community and the refinery. The CAP is made up of both internal and external stakeholder groups representing local government, fence-line neighbors (Wood River, Kendall Hill, Roxana, S. Roxana, Hartford, and Wanda), business leaders and owners, Southern Illinois Employer Association, Chamber of Commerce), union members and education including the School Superintendent.  In addition, the CAP includes several individuals including a refinery retiree, a student (college and/or high school), an environmental advocate, and a community-at-large member. Phillips 66 representatives on the CAP include the refinery manager, community outreach, environmental, safety and security, and emergency response representatives.  Ex-officio visitors are invited as appropriate.

The mission of the Wood River Refinery CAP is to strengthen both the refinery and community by facilitating open communication, understanding and sensitivity; educating the refinery about the needs of the community and educating the community about the refinery operations and its role in the community; offering balanced advice and feedback on issues of mutual importance and supporting community outreach programs and events.

Core Values
Values of the CAP include commitment to the well-being of the community and environment; collaboration; open and honest communication; positive outlook; trust and mutual respect.

The Wood River CAP was established in 2003. At that time, the panel included approximately nine community and seven refinery members. The CAP met periodically to share refinery information and discuss community impact. In 2004, the CAP determined that it was ready to expand membership and have a more visible and active presence in the surrounding communities. As a result, the CAP hired an external facilitator to help manage meeting logistics and assist with the ongoing development of the committee. In 2005, the CAP engaged in a strategic planning process to define its vision, mission, values and goals and continues to review its goals annually. The CAP’s goals include:

  • Increasing awareness of CAP within the community and the refinery;
  • Enhancing membership of CAP by increasing community membership;
  • Developing a community outreach plan that includes at least one event;
  • Identifying current refinery and community issues or concerns and share future states; and
  • Increasing CAP outreach to the surrounding communities of the refinery including an annual service project.

Special Events
Eat and Greet
Community Leaders Dinner

Refinery Manager
Jay Churchill

Refinery Contact
Melissa Erker

Panel Facilitator
Jennifer Giancola, Dean, Professional Studies at St. Louis University

Meeting Schedule
Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Community Members
  • Deanna Barnes
  • Dennis Carpenter
  • Young Gould
  • Joe Helms
  • Charles Hendricks
  • Jim Herndon
  • Debra Kreutztrager
  • Art Lippoldt
  • Judy Loyd
  • Jim Maynard
  • Tyler Pitchford
  • Breanna Reynolds
  • Diane Schuette
  • Jim Smith
  • Brett Stawar
  • Zac Stewart
  • Mike Toner
Refinery Members
  • Jay Churchill
  • Melissa Erker
  • Rick Haase
  • Ken Kerntke
  • Brian Wulf