Safety & Preparedness

The most important core value of Phillips 66 is the safety of its employees and neighbors. This commitment is reflected in the company’s investments in organizations that promote community safety and preparedness.

Phillips 66 meets the safety needs of its communities through strong support of local police, fire and emergency management departments. Our employees meet with local leaders to determine the greatest need in each community and work together to develop a plan for how Phillips 66 can help with the solution. For example, in several Phillips 66 operating communities, funds were donated to replace aging police vehicles and ambulances with new, updated models. Each year, our support increases the safety of local responders and enables them to better protect their communities.

Phillips 66 provides disaster preparedness and relief efforts by supporting the American Red Cross and by providing disaster preparedness technology, including tornado and tsunami warning sirens. Our employees also prepare communities for disaster by assembling hygiene and safety kits that will meet the immediate needs of those affected by a disaster. When our communities are in need, we are able to provide instant support through volunteerism and supplies. For example, when wildfires burned the community of Fritch, Texas, the emergency team at the Borger Refinery was some of the first responders on the scene to help smother the fire and donate safety equipment and supplies. In efforts to restore the community, we also contributed funds to the United Way, who created a program offering down payments on new homes for those who lost their homes in the fires.

Many of our facilities hold regular events to share their safety knowledge with the public. Phillips 66 employees at the Wood River Refinery in Illinois worked in coordination with the local fire departments to create Tornado Safety and Preparedness materials for community-wide distribution. These materials were circulated during National Severe Weather Preparedness Week and National Preparedness Month.


Our 40+ year support of USA Swimming makes us the longest-running sponsor of any amateur sport in America. In conjunction with the USA Swimming Foundation, the company is very involved with Make a Splash, a national child-focused water safety campaign, which aims to provide the opportunity for every child in America to learn to swim. As of 2015, the program has taught more than 2 million kids to swim.