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Frequently Asked Questions

Phillips 66 Electric Vehicle (EV) Program Questions

What & Why

Phillips 66 is providing an EV program as part of the brand value we offer our customers. Branded aviation customers will receive a discounted price on FreeWire chargers through the program, along with approved brand images. We are here to support our customers adapt to the ever-changing energy landscape.

FreeWire Technologies is a provider of ultrafast electric vehicle charging solutions that mitigates the impact on the grid by charging EVs directly from the battery and not the electric grid, virtually eliminating demand charges with peak-shaving and load-shifting capabilities.*

At Phillips 66, we are starting our EV journey with our consumers in mind by collaborating with FreeWire. We are seeking to address range anxiety, equipment reliability issues, and long charging times. Expanding into the EV charging space will heighten the experience for consumers and provide more opportunities for utilization of other amenities at your FBO.

We chose FreeWire for their unique design that limits utility costs with a small footprint while providing consumers with a premium charging experience. Their battery-integrated design enables seamless connection to existing infrastructure without burdensome construction costs and complex permitting restraints.* You can see more on the equipment spec sheet.

Yes, our EV program will be an evolving program and we expect to add new offerings in the future.

Program Basics

EV Connect. The EV Connect platform empowers site owners to easily manage the complex infrastructure necessary to satisfy the evolving needs of EV drivers. Additionally, Phillips 66 will continue to consider other network operations to provide you with the best experience.

Yes. The contract will be between you and FreeWire.

This program will allow you to purchase discounted EV charging equipment with Phillips 66 branding along with access to optional add-on services by FreeWire. There are also grant and incentive programs your FBO may be eligible to participate in. For price plan and eligibility details, please contact Freewire at

No action is required from you to provide data. Read-only EV charging transaction data will be shared with Phillips 66 from EV Connect.

Yes. Under this new program you will own and operate the FreeWire Charger.

The FreeWire Boost Charger comes with a standard 3-year parts and labor warranty that can be extended to a total of 5 years. The warranty includes annual maintenance of the Boost Charger’s internal components. As the owner, routine cleaning of the Boost Charger exterior and surrounding area are your responsibility.

You will be responsible for setting prices for the chargers, cleaning the charger and surrounding area, and alerting FreeWire of any malfunction issues.

You will receive quarterly payments from EV Connect for the charging session revenues.

Consumers will purchase through the EV Connect App, Tap & Pay, or by inserting their credit card.

No, these payments will not run through the Phillips 66 credit card settlement system. Therefore, at this time, the proprietary Phillips 66 credit cards (Personal and the Phillips 66 Aviation Avcard) will not be accepted for payment at the EV Charger. Phillips 66 will continue to evaluate opportunities to add value to this program including evaluating future payments integration.


All Phillips 66 branded aviation customers are eligible to purchase EV chargers through FreeWire and receive exclusive program pricing and options.

No, only EV Chargers purchased through the EV program may be branded with the Phillips 66® brand.

Getting Started

If you are interested in this program, please reach out to FreeWire at

The actual charger installation can be done in a day. However, the timeline for design, permitting, and construction varies.

Please email for any additional questions or concerns.

* FreeWire Boost Charger 200 data sheet: Boost Charger 200 (