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Locker Rooms

Locker Information

Fitness Services offers several types of lockers to our members. Some lockers are daily use lockers and free, other lockers require a fee. Contact the Fitness Center at 918-977-2124 for assistance.

Men’s and Women’s Towel Service Locker Room

Fee: $15/month
This locker room is only available with key access. Members must provide their own lock on rented lockers. These locker rooms provide towel service.

Men’s and Women’s General Locker Room (No towel service)

Fee: $5/month
This locker room is available to all members. It includes daily use lockers, as well as lockers that can be rented. Members using the free daily use lockers, must provide their own lock and remove their lock and personal belongings at the end of the day. Daily use lockers are clearly marked in both the men and women’s locker room. Members renting a locker must use and provide their own lock.

Bowling Lockers

Fee: $4/month
For the regular bowler, there are two sizes of bowling lockers. Lockers are located in the hallway outside the bowling facilities. To rent this type of locker please visit the Bowling Center.

Bicycle Lockers

Fee: $15/month
If you enjoy biking to work, we offer secured and protected bike lockers to store your bike. Lockers are located on the west side of the Adams Building. They have key access only, and will protect your bike from weather or vandalism.



Wellness Center members may visit the Fitness Center front desk or call 918-977-2124 to register for a locker.