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The Bartlesville Wellness Center offers numerous fitness programs, activities and services to assist employees and their families in reaching their health and fitness goals. Our focus on engagement and education is most important in enabling employees to make better decisions regarding their health and wellness.


Basketball Tournament

The tournament will take place in the Gymnasium. Teams will be selected randomly to ensure that talent is distributed fairly. The bracket will be single elimination so that the tournament can be completed in a single day. The staff member(s) will be monitoring the tournament to help assist participants with any questions or concerns, but officiating will be done by the teams playing.

  • Tuesday, May 24.
  • If needed, both sides of the Gymnasium will be used; otherwise, only the west side of the gym will be used for the tournament, and the east side will be open play.
  • All Wellness Center members are invited to participate in the tournament.

For any additional questions regarding the basketball tournament, feel free to reference the FAQ, or call the front desk at (918) 977-2124.