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Locker Room

Locker Information

The Houston Wellness Center has different locker options available for members.  To reserve a kit locker, please see a staff member at the main reception desk.

Kit Lockers

Fee: Free
Kit lockers are designed to store small personal items and to use for storage overnight. Reservations can be made following membership enrollment.

Locker Rooms

Fee: Free
The locker rooms have day use lockers available to all members. Lockers in the locker rooms are intended for use when utilizing the Wellness Center.


Locker Room Lock Operation

  1. Rotate the three dials to 000 to reset
  2. Rotate the three dials to a personalized combination
  3. Turn the knob to the locked position to set the combination
  4. Scramble the combination to lock

To unlock, rotate the dials back to the personalized combination and turn the knob to unlock the door.