The Phillips 66 Brand

Get all the brand elements in one place.

Download our logo package which includes an .eps, .jpeg and .png file of the Phillips 66 corporate logo with the tagline, and the Phillips 66 corporate logo without the tagline in full color, one color and reversed color options.

How to Use Our Logo

Intended to cover a range of applications of the Phillips 66 corporate logo, the corporate logo guidelines specify how our logo is to be displayed. The logo and graphic should never be recreated.

By using the Phillips 66 logo and other trademarks offered on this page, you agree to follow the Phillips 66 brand guidelines and our terms of service.

Make every attempt to use the original full color logo with the tagline before selecting the alternative logos.

The logo with the approved tag line should be used when design permits. Ensure that the registration symbol ® as well as any tagline in use is always visible. The reversed version of the logo is included with your download. In this version, the registration symbol ® and tagline are white, and the white stroke around the shield becomes visible. These logos are ideal when placed on a dark background.

For questions on logo use, please contact Craig Stone, senior counsel. For questions on logo and brand guidelines, please contact Amal Agha, creative lead, Corporate Communications.

File Format Descriptions

Also known as a vector file. Will not lose resolution as it gets larger. Use for large-scale printing including backdrops or displays.
Use for small-scale print and digital purposes (Web, PowerPoint, Word documents). Has a solid white background.
Same purpose as a .jpeg but has a transparent background.