What is energy manufacturing?

Manufacturers create products that help the global economy to thrive and contribute to a growing economy at home. These companies provide quality skilled and professional jobs, and foster increased employment and economic activity in the communities where they operate. Manufacturing activity supports a healthy balance of international trade.

Shaping the Energy Landscape

Phillips 66 is a growing energy manufacturing and logistics company, and we’re helping to shape the rapidly changing U.S. energy landscape. We do our part for the global economy—from the gasoline drivers use to get to work, to the jet fuel that carries travelers, to the natural gas we gather that powers businesses and the plastic products we see and touch every day. We also deliver the products we make through pipelines, railcars, barges and by truck.

We are the only independent U.S. downstream energy company to combine major midstream, chemicals, refining, and marketing and specialties operations, giving us the advantage of the full value chain of energy manufacturing and logistics.

The U.S. manufacturing sector is fundamental to a successful economy, supporting trade, economic activity and jobs here at home. Phillips 66 provides 13,500 jobs -- the vast majority in the United States.

Midstream worker.jpgIf you consider our joint ventures, we support nearly 100,000 American jobs directly and indirectly in the communities we operate.

In 2012, refined energy products were the top U.S. export, exceeding other manufactured products such as airplanes and automobiles. At Phillips 66, we are meeting the demand for energy here at home first, and then looking for markets abroad.

Phillips 66 is proud to be an energy manufacturing company, helping to shape the energy landscape and employing people who are excited about the future.