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Phillips 66 refinery’s one small ask led to much bigger outcome

It started with a simple ask from the Phillips 66 Los Angeles Refinery for some 76® gas brand T-shirts to give to volunteers who were delivering meals to first responders.

Now, thanks to some quick and comprehensive collaboration between Phillips 66 refineries and the Marketing teams for the company's various fuel brands, more than 5,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and $30,000 worth of gas gift cards have been distributed across the U.S. footprint to those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

“You hear these amazing stories of volunteers providing meals to families in need or first responders at the epicenter of this pandemic and you want to do something,” said Conoco Brand Director of U.S. Marketing Jacqueline Johnson. “So this is what we can do.”



It started when Los Angeles Refinery Public Affairs and Community Relations Advisor Juliana Moreno approached 76® Brand Director Bree Januhowski last month for some extra shirts to give volunteers who were delivering meals to first responders. Januhowski said she could do even better.

“When Juliana started explaining what they were going to be doing, I said, 'What if we could help beyond the T-shirts," Januhowski said, "and provide a whole care package by sending items they might need right now — like bandanas (for face masks), hand sanitizers, gas cards, and a nice thank you note?'"

Januhowski sent Moreno enough $10 76® gift cards, hand sanitizers and bandanas to accompany the 850 meal donations the refinery was delivering to area first responders, including to local law enforcement.

“A lot of times it's law enforcement that does the initial wellness check,” Moreno said. “Now more than ever, we want to show our appreciation for all that they do to keep the community safe and healthy.”

The items are in addition to the $3 million Phillips 66 donated to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Word of the philanthropic partnership spread quickly within the Marketing team, and shortly thereafter Conoco and Phillips 66 fuel brands were reaching out to the refineries in their respective communities with the same offer. Most of the items donated were repurposed from planned brand activations that have since been canceled or postponed.

Although Marketing and the refineries have partnered in the past, the teams say they have never joined forces to this extent.

“We were excited to help our refineries make a difference in their communities,” said Phillips 66 Fuel Brand Director Michael Brass. “Working remotely wasn’t a challenge. Our teams worked together efficiently and effectively to understand what was needed, and to fulfill those needs in record time.”