​PREP for Success

Phillips 66 Professional Refinery Engineering Program gives early career engineers the key to long, successful careers.

Kristi DesJarlais, manager, Corporate Brand & Community Investments shares the rich history of Phillips 66 with program participants

High performing organizations recruit talented people, train them well, and actively encourage them to stay with the company. For Phillips 66, that begins with recruiting at campuses that offer great petroleum programs, and attracting their top engineering graduates to apply their talents at the company.

“Building a high-performing organization takes four things,” said Stuart Furgang, learning lead, Talent Development. “Hiring great people, giving them excellent training, keeping them motivated with challenging assignments, and then rewarding them appropriately.”

Furgang, in partnership with Mike Wirkowski, general manager, Refinery Business Improvement (RBI), Suresh Vaidyanathan, manager, Refining Technical Services, and Steve Treese, lead, Hydroprocessing, designed and developed a new program to “build a high-performing organization” - the Phillips 66 Professional Refinery Engineering Program (PREP). 

The inaugural PREP class was held in June, educating early career engineers across all disciplines and refinery locations worldwide on the technical skills and soft skills required to drive a successful career. Forty-two engineers from 13 locations attended the two-week course, packed with opportunities to grow technical and business skills, meet the company’s leaders, learn about our history, and network through dinners and team building activities.

“Phillips 66 is committed to hiring new engineering college graduates, intending for them to be long-term employees,” said Furgang. The engineering training program incorporated four key elements: 

“I think that all of the people involved in organizing and facilitating the training course did an excellent job,” said Theresa Truchot, Billings Refinery process engineer. “I really enjoyed learning about all of the different parts of the refining industry. Having a training course like PREP shows that Phillips 66 really values new employees.”