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Alliance Refinery

Our Alliance Refinery, located on the Mississippi River in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, 25 miles south of New Orleans, processes mainly light, low-sulfur crude oil. Alliance receives domestic crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico by pipeline and U.S. tight oil by marine transport. The refinery can also receive foreign crude oil by pipeline connected to the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port.

The single-train refinery's facilities include fluid catalytic cracking, alkylation, coking, and hydrodesulfurization units, a naphtha reformer and aromatics units that enable it to produce a high percentage of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels. Other products include petrochemical feedstocks, home heating oil and anode-grade petroleum coke.

The majority of its refined products are distributed to customers in the eastern United States through major common-carrier pipeline systems and by barge.

HISTORY: Built in 1971

LOCATION: Belle Chasse, Louisiana, about 25 miles south of New Orleans

SIZE: 2,437 acres (approx.)

WORKFORCE: More than 850 (including on-site contractors)

  • Transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel & aviation fuel)
  • Petrochemical feedstocks
  • Home heating oil
  • Anode-grade petroleum coke
  • Pipeline
  • Barge/ship

Community Advisory Panel

Year established: 2001

Alliance's Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is a diverse group of citizens from Plaquemines Parish who openly discuss plant activities and issues with others in the community. In addition, they bring information that they have received from other community members back to the meeting.

The main focus of Alliance's CAP has been information sharing. Its goal is to promote a better understanding of business at the refinery, our health, environment, safety and quality philosophy, and how best to interact with the community.

The Alliance Refinery CAP is made up of approximately 19 citizen members and two to four company members, with an average meeting attendance of 10 to 12.

Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the first month of each quarter.

Call (504) 656-3557 for more information.

By the Numbers

Clean Product Yield Capability: 87%

Nelson Complexity Factor: 11.6



Gasolines Production: 130 MBD*

Distillates Production: 120 MBD*

Crude Throughput: 255 MBD

Total Throughput: 278 MBD


* Clean product capacities are maximum rates for each clean product category, independent of each other. They are not additive when calculating the clean product yield capability for each refinery.
(MBD) Thousand Barrels Per Day