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21-0034_11_Sustainability landing page updates SR.jpg

Extending Digitalization of the Consumer Experience

Industry experts predict that 20% of all transactions will happen via mobile devices in the next five years, so digitalizing the customer experience is a growing need. In 2018, we began offering secure, fast and convenient mobile payment through our My Phillips 66, My Conoco® and My 76 consumer apps.

In 2020, we expanded our consumer digital apps’ payment options and consumer engagement capabilities, which now work at more than 6,000 of our stations across the country.

We continue to improve our fuel stations to meet customer expectations for well-lit, safe and easy-to-access locations. Since 2015, we’ve reimaged more than 5,550 Phillips 66, Conoco, 76 and JET branded stations across the United States and Europe, including more than 1,150 in 2020.

As part of the reimaging project, we have replaced 127,000 canopy light fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs, resulting in nearly 131 million kWh savings per year. Facilities and technology improvements are a significant investment in physical and digital security, consistent with our company values and strategy.

We’re making changes for our business-to-business customers, too. In 2020, we increased the use of Robotic Process Automation to reduce the transaction cycle time and increase the accuracy of our interactions. We’re also implementing a portal experience and digital voice interactions to help streamline our partner back-office operations, making us a more reliable and effective supplier.

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