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With approximately 14,000 employees working worldwide and 1,000 with Phillips 66 Limited in the UK, Phillips 66 values the knowledge, diversity and contributions of our employees and believes that they help differentiate the company from other companies today and in the future.   

As a team, we do more than make a living – we make a difference in the lives of others. Our organisation has the best of both worlds: all the excitement of a company that continues to embark on new initiatives, plus the strength that comes from 140 years of operating excellence. Despite our size, Phillips 66 has a small-company feel and a friendly, family-oriented environment. We are an organisation that takes care of our employees and our communities. Our unique environment enables our employees to think independently, work collaboratively and transform their passion into outstanding results.  

Learn more about the people at Phillips 66 Limited in the UK in the testimonials below.

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    “I joined the company nearly 20 years ago and have had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles, lived in 5 different cities, across 3 countries. My experience in the company is that if you are willing, you will have the opportunity to learn and to develop. Over the years one thing has stayed the same and that is the people and the teams- the company has always promoted an inclusive and collaborative working environment. I really do think that Phillips 66 is a great place to work.”  

    Oliver Mueller, Retail Business Manager

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    “I joined Phillips 66 as a graduate in 2018 and a benefit of the programme was that it allowed me to work in both the Commercial and Marketing arms of the business, helping me to gain a solid foundation of the company. I like that progression is encouraged, I am currently in my 3rd role at Phillips 66 and enjoy the flexibility I have in managing my own work items. I truly enjoy the culture within the office with employees encouraged to get involved with the many social and cultural groups that are present at Phillips 66. The office is very tight-knit and welcoming, and the on-site gym is the perfect way to wind down from a busy day.“ 

    Nikesh Agravat, Clean Products Business Analyst

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    “I joined Phillips 66 (ConocoPhillips at the time) in September 2007, having completed two half year placements at the University of Bath. My aim when leaving university was to work at a company where I could continue my enjoyment of sport, have fun socially and challenge myself intellectually. Phillips 66’s active sports and social club meant that I quickly got to know people across the organisation and was able to bring fresh ideas, such as starting up a Sevens Rugby Team, playing in the annual “World Corporate Games”.

    Another area that stood out to me was how flat the company’s structure was, as I came with the impression that oil companies were typically hierarchical. As a finance graduate in London, no one felt inaccessible as colleagues always gave me the time of day to ask questions. Now in 2021, I look back on circa 14 years in which I have worked in finance, market analysis, operations and have traded multiple products ranging from jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil, LPG, naphtha, gasoline and benzene. A good proportion of those roles have materialised from the company taking an active interest in my career, suggesting moves that I would not have considered at the time.”  

    Ian Sullivan, Gasoline & Naphtha Trader

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    “I am really happy to be part of the Phillips 66 family for the last three years. One of the things I appreciated as soon as I joined Phillip 66 is the work-life balance. I thoroughly enjoy the culture in the London office that helps you maintain the work-life balance through various social activities and benefits provided by the company. Another thing I truly enjoy is the people I work with. My colleagues are talented, collaborative and everyone is always happy to share their knowledge. There are plenty of opportunities in the company to expand your knowledge and skill sets.  I have learned and grown so much over the last three years thanks to the supportive working environment. I look forward to continue with this journey and taking on new challenges at Phillips 66 in the upcoming years.” 

    Fatema Khanom, Tax Advisor

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    “I spent 3 years in the Contracts Management group and another 7 years in Commercial Operations where I covered every product desk across Clean Products. During this time, I visited facilities, customers and P66 offices across 3 continents! I have now been managing the Clean Products Operations Team since May 2019 and I relish the challenge. I love working in a team where we are encouraged to speak freely, challenge processes, support each other to continually improve, and have a lot of fun.   

    What struck me from then to now is how genuinely approachable and welcoming everyone in the Company is. The social aspect of the London office is a big part of what keeps me at Phillips 66. I spent a number of years on the Committee of the Sports and Social Club and I now lead the SAFE Team. I’ve travelled to several countries to take part in the annual football tournament (despite my lack of talent!) and organised my share of Dinner dances and pub quizzes. I feel very lucky to have found my career within Phillips 66, I feel that it is a company that genuinely cares for its staff and I am grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded over the last 14 years.”  

    Hannah Simpson, Commercial Operations Lead - Clean Products

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    “I joined Phillips 66 five years ago and, in that time, have received fantastic opportunities to develop my professional skill set in roles within the Commercial and Marketing organisations. If you are a committed, driven and proactive member of your team, the company will support your career aspirations where opportunities arise, and in my experience, I received incredible support and guidance when I wanted to change the direction of my career. My development is also supported by a company mentor which is a great resource I use to navigate my way through my career. Overall, I work with kind people who treat each other with respect and the company is highly mindful of maintaining a healthy work life balance. We also have a vibrant sports and social committee who run an abundance of events throughout the year and a charity organisation that supports the local community, both of which receive high employee engagement throughout the company.”  

    Gloria Cronin, Business Development Lead

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    "I started working for Phillips 66 as an apprentice back in September 2013. I completed my apprenticeship in 2017 and I have since worked as both a Rotating and Fixed Equipment Technician, a Fitness-for-Service Engineer and now a Mechanical Contact Engineer for the Coking and Calcining units. Throughout my time at the Phillips 66 Humber Refinery, I have been encouraged to learn and develop as much as possible; firstly, completing my HNC and HND and then progressing onto gaining my full bachelor’s degree. Working for Phillips 66 comes with great benefits, a competitive salary, a performance-based bonus, share incentives and a contributary pension, to name a few!”

    Connor Benson, Mechanical Contact Engineer 

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    "From the moment I came to Phillips 66 for Work Experience I knew this was where I wanted to start my career. Since then, I have completed an Internship during a sandwich year at University, which I absolutely loved, and I have now returned to Phillips 66 full-time as an Industrial Control Systems Engineer. The learning and development opportunities are what attracted me here the most as you are learning something new every day and you can get involved with so many opportunities. My colleagues have been incredibly supportive, and they are always willing to go the extra mile and make sure I make the most of every learning opportunity!"

    Ashin Leons, Industrial Control Systems Engineer

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    "I joined Phillips 66 as a Graduate Process Engineer and, I soon realised that this is a company that encourages you to succeed and develop on a professional and interpersonal level. I have always aspired to work in the energy industry and working for one of the best-in-class, has been a truly exceptional experience. The people here are great, fun to work with and extremely welcoming. I have also been fortuned to partake in volunteering programmes and maintained my desire to give back to the community through the company’s various networks. I am most excited about the flexibility offered within the company and the opportunities to expand my skillset by working in different departments. The hands-on experience is also a great added benefit and I am very much looking forward to participating in the highly regarded Professional Refining Engineering Programme. Overall, I have had a great experience, enjoyed a nice work-life balance and I am excited to see where the future takes me working for Phillips 66."

    Olly Biyi, Graduate Process Engineer

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    "I joined Phillips 66 as an apprentice just over a year ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the company, the best part is how much I have learnt in a short amount of time. This is down to working with multiple technicians on multiple different areas, there are so many different pieces of equipment on site! The equipment is similar enough so that I have the confidence to work on it as I have worked on other similar equipment before but different enough to stay interesting. I am looking forward to working on more new areas, including offsites and hopefully qualifying and coming out of my time next year!"

    Chloe Handley, Electrical Apprentice