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Inclusion and Diversity

Enrich Your Career in an Inclusive Setting


At Phillips 66 Limited we truly believe that diversity of experience is a source of innovation and creativity that will deepen critical thinking, propel the organisation forward, and enable our people to thrive.   

Our vision is to promote an inclusive workspace that enables our diverse talents to innovate, create value and deliver superior performance, where everyone feels support in bringing forward their unique skill and perspectives to help us reach our business goals.   

We lead with inclusion because in its absence, diversity cannot thrive. We promote inclusive environments free of biases and where all employees feel valued, respected and supported.

We enhance diversity in our workplace by ensuring our workforce is reflective of the communities in which we live and operate. We focus on leveraging diversity of thought and the principles of equality for all.

In the words of Greg Garland, our Chairman and CEO:   

“Inclusion and Diversity is essential to who we are, what we believe and how we do business at Phillips 66… We are committed to employing a diverse workforce that can deliver exceptional performance on a sustainable basis.”  

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