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Invoice Options

Phillips 66 has the capability to receive invoices or invoice data several ways. Our preference is for our vendors to utilize one of our electronic commerce options. We are working to increase the use of these options and eliminate/reduce the receipt of paper invoices.

Why implement an electronic commerce solution?


  • Eliminates handling and routing of paper invoices
  • Streamlines the coding and approval process
  • Reduces cycle time and increases accuracy
  • Reduces costs
    • Data entry
    • Invoice storage and archiving
    • Document imaging
  • Maximizes procurement information to improve business processes


Electronic Commerce Invoicing Options


Evaluated Receipt Settlement

What is ERS? Evaluated Receipt Settlement is an application which allows Phillips 66 to settle goods/services receipts without receiving or processing an invoice. ERS utilizes purchasing documents and goods/services receipts to determine the correct invoice amount. ERS is not a method of electronic funds transfer (EFT) although a vendor may select an EFT payment method to accompany ERS. (See Payment Methods).

How Does it Work? ERS involves an agreement between the vendor and Phillips 66 that the vendor will not issue invoices for purchasing transactions. Instead, the invoice document is posted automatically for payment within the Phillips 66 SAP system based on data from the purchase order and goods receipts for services and materials.

How do I sign up for ERS? Contact your local purchasing agent or contact the Phillips 66 Vendor Relations Call Center at 918-977-7909 with vendor name and contact information.



What is ePayables? An application used by Phillips 66 which receives electronic invoice data of any type. An electronic invoice is received from the supplier or a 3rd party provider, validated for errors, routed for approval (in some instances) and processed for payment. It may be used for invoices with or without reference to a purchase order, verbal orders with reference to an existing contract where the purchase order is systematically created after the order is placed, freight and credit memos.

How Do I Get Started? Contact your local purchasing agent or contact the Phillips 66 Vendor Relations Call Center at 918-977-7909 with vendor name and contact information.

Web Invoices

Phillips 66 offers vendors/suppliers the option to log on to the Phillips 66 Extranet, a controlled access website, and manually input invoice information into a free internet template. This information is then interfaced into our accounts payable system for processing and payment.

To enroll in the Web Invoice option, please contact your local Phillips 66 business contact or call the Phillips 66 Vendor Relations Call Center at 918-977-7909.


Payment via a Procurement/Credit Card

Phillips 66 currently offers some of our vendors the option of being paid via a Procurement/Credit Card for goods and services they supply to Phillips 66. Eligibility to become a Procurement Card vendor depends on the type of goods and services being supplied to Phillips 66.

Payment via Procurement Card ensures that you, as a vendor, receive accurate timely payments and eliminates the need to issue an invoice to Phillips 66 for payment.

For additional information, and to see if your company qualifies, please contact your local Phillips 66 Business Unit representative.