Building Community Relations in Mossville, La.

ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66 have operated the Lake Charles refinery (located in Westlake, La.) since 1941. With a workforce of about 700 employees and 300 contractors, this facility has a crude oil processing capacity of approximately 240,000 barrels per day, which is refined into mainly gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and lubricants.

The company and our employees are committed to pursuing and maintaining good relationships with communities near the Lake Charles refinery. We recognize that it is very important to be good stewards of the environment and to minimize our environmental impacts. We take that commitment seriously by putting trained professionals and effective systems in place to operate safely, reliably and responsibly. With these important safeguards in place, we believe our Lake Charles refinery operations are compatible with the well being of the surrounding communities.

Mossville Seeks Help

The group Mossville Environmental Action Now (MEAN), which includes some residents from the nearby community of Mossville, has raised concerns about environmental emissions from the refinery and several non-Phillips 66 plants in the Lake Charles area. After hearing these issues at a ConocoPhillips Annual Shareholders Meeting (Phillips 66 was created as a result of the repositioning of ConocoPhillips), then Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jim Mulva agreed to visit Mossville to learn more. He honored that commitment in 2009, and urged the residents he met with to continue their dialogue on a regular basis with the leadership team of the Lake Charles refinery.Lake Charles Refinery

In 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted comprehensive sampling in and around Mossville to see whether the community was eligible for the National Priority List, which is also known as the Superfund cleanup program. The results presented to Mossville residents in January of 2011, EPA reported that it did not find elevated levels of chemicals, and therefore Mossville did not qualify for the Superfund program. EPA Mossville Presentation.

The EPA did confirm that the public drinking water distribution system in the Mossville area needs reliability and quality improvements. Although the water distribution system is the responsibility of the water district and the parish, Phillips 66 is working with local industry and parish leaders to help develop a long-term plan for improving the drinking water distribution system. EPA Mossville Presentation.

Increased Engagement

For more than 20 years, Lake Charles refinery employees have met regularly with neighbors in a group called the Lake Charles Community Advisory Panel. Meeting monthly, this group, which includes some residents of Mossville, works to establish and maintain a dialogue between the community and the company in order to understand community and refinery issues in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. We have similar community panels at all of our refineries.

Phillips 66 also maintains an active leadership position in the Lake Area Industry Alliance, a multi-stakeholder group charged with building and maintaining good relationships between several Lake Charles area manufacturing plants and the surrounding communities. We continue to encourage MEAN members, Mossville residents, and other communities to engage and work with this organization.

In addition to these constructive efforts, our company and employees are long-time active supporters and participants in numerous community and philanthropic activities held throughout the year. The company is also making a concerted effort to maximize the effectiveness of our stakeholder engagement plan by meeting frequently with community officials, leaders and Mossville residents.