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Today’s operators demand the most from their equipment — having a “well-oiled” machine is imperative. Implementing an oil analysis system can help minimize equipment downtime by providing the following benefits:

In addition, several options are available for testing metalworking fluids — making Analysis Plus your total solution.

Get more answers in our frequently asked questions section.

Getting started

To start using the AnalysisPlus Program follow the steps below:

Step 1: Determine what kits you want.

Select the test packages tab above to review the various tests and services available.

Step 2: Select the laboratory service provider of your choice.

Select the lab locations and logins tab.

Step 3: Order kits.

Choose a laboratory service provider from the list and order your kits;

Call your lab provider directly for a username and password, if you’re not currently set up online.

Basic and Premium test packages are designed to meet your requirements. 

Learn more about what these tests can help to predict.

Basic Analysis Plus test package:

  • Fast, reliable results in a variety of formats
  • Web-based reporting with basic data management tools

Premium Analysis Plus test package:

  • Fast, reliable results in a variety of formats
  • Web-based reporting with extensive data management tools
  • Oil analysis training, field service and support

Test Packages

The various AnalysisPlus packages offered cover a wide range of key tests available for your industry.

Available management reports for Premium test packages include:

  • Condition History Report
  • Chronic Alarm Report
  • Delinquent Samples Report
  • Fluid Age and Condition Report
  • Component Watch 
  • Transit Time
  • Condition Analysis Report
  • Equipment Comparison

Basic Testing

Lab One

Phoenix, Arizona

International Direct:
Sample Results Customer Login

Premium Testing

Polaris Laboratories

Houston, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana
Salt Lake City, Utah
Edmonton, Alberta


International Direct:
317-808-3750, ext. 300
Horizon Customer Login

ALS I Tribology

Atlanta, Georgia
Cleveland, Ohio
Kansas City, Kansas
Phoenix, Arizona
Portland, Oregon
Sparks, Nevada
Burlington, Ontario
Edmonton, Alberta


International Direct:
ALS I Tribology Customer Login