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Pipeline Safety

We make safety our highest priority. We value the relationships we’ve cultivated in the communities where we work and live. We know you expect us to operate safely – and we do.


As an equity owner in DCP Midstream, LP, Phillips 66 now provides operating and maintenance services to DCP. Choose a group to discover more about our commitment to safety.


We are proud of our safety record and have a commitment to operating with integrity. We strive to go beyond the many industry guidelines and government regulations to ensure that everyone who lives and works near our pipelines and facilities are educated.


Prevent delays to work, damages to property, loss of license or fines. Incorporate best practices to protect the investments you’ve made.

Emergency Officials

Public agencies have valuable expertise in emergency response situations and Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC personnel are knowledgeable concerning the products that we work with on a day-to-day basis.

Public Officials

We have developed a public awareness program that works to educate, inform and interact with first responders, residents, excavators, schools and civic organizations as well as local, state and federal agencies.

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