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Phillips 66 manufactures and markets specialty products designed to support commercial, industrial and wholesale buyers worldwide. The company’s product line includes petroleum coke, solvents and other products.

Fuel Coke

Phillips 66 provides a full array of fuel coke business solutions incorporating products and services worldwide. We produce and market a wide variety of fuel-quality petroleum cokes.

From our refineries and other sources across the United States, fuel coke is supplied in numerous industrial applications domestically and in many countries by barge, truck, rail and ship.

The Phillips 66 advantage is highlighted by our:

  • Experienced marketing group
  • Hands-on product management
  • Strong market presence
  • Long-term end-user relationships
  • International business alliances
  • Integrated logistical support
  • Wide spectrum of fuel coke qualities
  • Geographically diverse petcoke supply base
  • Active inventory management
  • Support for value-added petcoke applications
  • Vigorous business development
  • Dependable customer support

Contact PETROLEUMFUELCOKE&SULFUR@P66.COM for more information.

Specialty Coke

Phillips 66 is the only producer and marketer of all grades of green and calcined specialty petroleum coke, serving the steel, lithium-ion battery, aluminum, titanium dioxide and specialty carbon/graphite product industries.

Phillips 66 is the leading worldwide producer of premium needle cokes, which are produced at our Humber (UK) and Lake Charles (Louisiana) refineries.

We produce high quality specialty cokes at six refineries and operate proprietary petroleum coke calciners at three sites.

Phillips 66 pioneers the ongoing development of new uses of graphitic carbon derived from petroleum coke via fundamental and applied research at our Energy Research and Innovation Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.



Phillips 66 offers polypropylene in a wide variety of grades to suit a variety of consumer goods. The polypropylene facility at the Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery in Linden, New Jersey, utilizes integrated propylene and ethylene feedstocks to produce up to 775 million pounds per year of COPYLENE® polypropylene.

The Phillips 66 advantage is highlighted by our:

  • UnipolTM gas phase technology
  • Plant location provides strategic supply source not on the Gulf Coast
  • Latest generation catalyst technology utilized
  • All products produced with non-phthalate catalyst
  • All additives are tallow-free
  • Comprehensive product line

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Phillips 66 is one of the largest sulfur producers in the United States marketing 900,000 long tons annually out of nine refineries. Sulfur production supports a diverse range of end uses including the production of fertilizers, chemicals, surfactants, rubber, pulp and paper, textiles, and a variety of other uses.

Phillips 66’s logistical expertise connects us with customers domestically and globally via truck, rail, and vessel movements. In addition, Phillips 66 annually markets 75,000 short tons of sulfuric acid, one of the most widely-used chemicals in the world.



Phillips 66 is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high purity hydrocarbon solvents. We offer specialty hydrocarbon solvents from Pentanes to Heptanes to custom blends. All of our products are rigorously tested to meet quality standards.

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