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We are committed to providing energy today with an eye on tomorrow. Guided by our pillars of Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Governance, Operational Excellence and Financial Performance — we focus on continual improvements that keep our assets and communities strong as we work to meet the world’s changing energy needs.

Our Approach

We take a strategic approach to sustainability and human capital management which includes a focus on operating excellence, minimizing our impact on the environment, developing our high-performing organization and engaging with our stakeholders.

Environmental Stewardship

Reducing our environmental footprint by managing natural capital, progressing initiatives to reduce, recycle and reuse, and advancing lower-carbon solutions

Social Responsibility

Committing to the well-being of our employees and creating an inclusive culture where diversity can thrive, engaging with our stakeholders and investing in our people and communities


Serving the interests of all stakeholders with the highest standards of responsibility, ethics and integrity

Operational Excellence

Ensuring personal and process safety, environmental stewardship, reliability and cost efficiency while protecting shareholder value

Financial Performance

Delivering shareholder value through our disciplined approach to capital allocation and focus on returns

Our Initiatives

Enhancing Our Core Business

Strengthening our resilience

Leveraging digital innovations

Increasing efficiencies and productive of workforce and operating assets

Progressing GHG Emissions Reduction Targets

Building a Lower-Carbon Growth Platform

Extending through value chain adjacencies

Pursuing scalable investments

Leveraging expertise, experience and leadership in research and innovation

Continuing capital discipline with emphasis on returns