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Marketing and Specialties

For more than a century, consumers across the globe have come to rely on Phillips 66 branded fuels and services.

Serving the customer is a top priority for Phillips 66, whether offering high-quality fuels and lubricants at service stations and retail outlets or providing businesses with chemicals, specialty products and other solutions.

U.S. Marketing

We market fuels through outlets that utilize Phillips 66, Conoco or 76 brands, as well as through unbranded channels. Phillips 66 Aviation is a top supplier of jet fuels and aviation gas to private, commercial and military aviation. Our branded network provides integration with our refining assets, ensuring ratable placement, particularly in the U.S. Central and West Coast regions. The strength of our brands is also reflected by the 1,340 sites that are covered by brand licensing agreements.


branded outlets


joint venture outlets


converted renewable diesel retail sites

in California

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International Marketing

We market retail and wholesale products in Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom under the JET brand. In addition, we market refined products in Switzerland through a joint venture under the Coop brand name. We are also operating and adding hydrogen stations in Switzerland through our Coop joint venture. We are exploring additional opportunities with hydrogen and electric vehicle charging to support European low-carbon goals and the growing demand for sustainable fuels.


marketing outlets in Europe


Coop joint venture sites in Switzerland

Source: Phillips 66 Year in Review


Finished lubricants are marketed under our premium Phillips 66, Kendall and Red Line brands, as well as other private label brands. We are a leading lubricants manufacturer in the United States and have received high industry rankings for supplier satisfaction.

Our specialties business also markets high-quality specialty graphite and anode-grade petroleum cokes in the U.S., Europe and Asia for use in a variety of industries. We also market polypropylene in North America under the COPYLENE brand name for use in consumer products.

In addition, we own a 50% interest in Excel Paralubes LLC (Excel Paralubes), an operated joint venture that owns a hydrocracked lubricant base oil manufacturing plant located adjacent to the Lake Charles Refinery. The facility has a capacity to produce 22,200 BPD of high-quality Group II clear hydrocracked base oils. Excel Paralubes markets the produced base oil under the Pure Performance brand. The facility’s feedstock is sourced primarily from our Lake Charles Refinery.