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Social Impact

We believe in being good neighbors.

Phillips 66 has a unique and critical role to play in fostering a thriving society.

Living our core values of safety, honor and commitment, we share our resources and act as trusted counselors, collaborators and problem-solvers.

Social Impact Snapshot


hours volunteered since 2012

$250 million

invested since 2012


Stronger, Safer, More Resilient Communities

We create purposeful partnerships that inspire action, identify solutions to society’s greatest challenges and improve lives. We work to strengthen economic, social and environmental resilience and vitality in the communities where our employees live and work.

$27 million

invested in 2021 across our key focus areas and through our Employee Giving Programs

Fostering Community Vitality

Volunteer at the Barbara Bush Literacy night at the Children's Museum of Houston, where Phillips 66 donated mini-libraries to all children at the free family night.

Education & Literacy

We invest in education because an educated workforce drives the world’s economic future. We support fundamental literacy education and skills critical to advancing energy solutions, such as math, science and engineering disciplines.

$10.5 million

  • 16 local schools and school districts supported
  • 30 colleges and technical schools supported
  • 212 Dependent Scholarship recipients

Living Our Core Values

Employee in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura on the Gulf Coast. Phillips 66 donated substantially to that relief effort to support our employees, their families and communities.

Safety & Preparedness

We invest in community safety and disaster relief programs because we are committed to protecting community residents from the effects of natural disasters and believe that preparation is crucial to residents’ safety and security.

$4.1 million

  • 38 local fire, police and emergency response management departments supported
  • 11 food banks supported
  • $1.5 million towards disaster relief

Strengthening Environmental Resilience

A Wilson's plover bird on the beach at Grand Isle, Louisiana, near one of our facilities.

Environment & Sustainability

We invest in the preservation of our resources because we respect and appreciate their influence in our daily lives. We support initiatives that provide sustainable answers and protect, beautify and promote our natural environment.

$3.3 million

  • 15 community parks supported
  • 37 conservation projects supported

Targeting Specific Needs

Phillips 66 employee helping to maintain one of Houston's biggest parks, removing invasive plants and replacing with native.

Civic Enrichment

We invest in civic enrichment initiatives because we understand that communities have unique civic strengths, interests and challenges. We also support organizations and programs focused on health and wellness, social services and the Arts.

$3 million

  • 9 locations supported United Way Campaigns
  • 14 Inclusion & Diversity organizations supported

While Phillips 66 does not accept grant requests, we proactively identify and select organizations to support in our communities. Contact the Social Impact team with other questions.

Employee Volunteerism

Good Energy, our employee volunteerism program, was designed to inspire employees to connect with our neighbors and share our compassion, talents and hard work to improve our communities.

Employee Giving Programs

Phillips 66 recognizes that our employees are the company’s strongest connections in the communities where we operate. We encourage and support involvement and leadership in local non-profit organizations by providing matching gift and employee volunteer grant programs.

$4.9 million

in matching gifts to


organizations in 2021

$1.3 million

in volunteer grants to


organizations in 2021


hours volunteered by


employees in 2021