​Fresh air is really important to Phillips 66.

Nobody knows better than Phillips 66 about how special fresh air truly is to a community. While we’re busy working on providing energy to improve the lives of people all over the world, we’re also continually striving to find methods to perform cleaner processes with greater efficiency. That means less waste, greater purpose, and fresher air.

Our desire to be better is carried out through the actions of our employees and their commitment to keeping the environment clean. Meet a few of them below in the videos we’ve made and you’ll see some of what makes us so proud to be here.

Get to know Andrea Paciga

Dog lover, avid hiker, and Director of the Phillips 66 Air Group, see how Andrea’s helping us protect fresh air.

A change in the air for Billings

Reductions in sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions at the Billings Refinery in Montana have helped the city of Billings and Yellowstone County achieve a huge improvement in environmental status.

Learn how Nestor Martinez makes Actions Speak

Every day, Phillips 66 employee Nestor Martinez is making his workplace greener so we can enjoy the fresh air.