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Come Along for the Ride

Episode 1

“Once you’ve taken flight, you always look skyward.”

Meet former Young Eagles and volunteer pilots and discover the ways the program influenced them in their professional and personal lives. Learn about their experiences flying and how aviation has inspired them to soar to new heights.

Episode 2

“After that flight, I was hooked on aviation.”

Meet another group of former Young Eagles and volunteer pilots and learn how they got involved with the program and in what ways it has impacted them. Listen as they explain the effect that the freedom of flight can have.

Episode 3

“The Young Eagles flight opened up my eyes as to what I could do”

Understand the meaning of the Young Eagles flights. From new experiences and perspectives to the passion of both pilots and kids involved, learn how the program has helped participants spread their wings and brought their dreams into reach.

Episode 4

“If you have a dream, it’s possible”

Hear what volunteers and program participants have learned from their experiences and why it’s meant so much. Expand your horizon with the final video in the series and learn more about becoming a Young Eagle or how to volunteer as a pilot for the program today.

Discover Our Volunteer Pilot Rebate Program

We provide a $1-per-gallon avgas rebate to all EAA Young Eagles volunteer pilots. Over 4,000 pilots have used Phillips 66 avgas to introduce 2 million kids and counting to the world of aviation.