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DCP Midstream, L.P., DCP Midstream, L.P. Series B Preferred Units, and DCP Midstream, L.P. Series C Preferred Units, 2023 K-1 tax schedules will be available online after March 31, 2024.  We encourage investors to access the tax packages online to avoid delays. If you have not received your Tax Package by April 19, 2024, please call K-1 Support at 855-478-3367.

Please use the below link to create an online account and you will be able to do the following:

  1. View your tax schedules
  2. Print your tax package including instructions
  3. Automatically transfer amounts from your Schedule K-1 to IRS forms filed by individuals
  4. Download a file of your Schedule K-1 information to be imported into TurboTax
  5. Request changes to incorrect information
    • Correct your account information including name, address and type of account (Individual, Corporation, IRA/Sep/Keogh, etc.)
    • Correct dates, transaction types, and units by transaction
    • Add missing transactions
    • Delete incorrect transactions

Select Schedule K-1 by Unit Type

DCPDCP Midstream, LP
DCPPRADCP Midstream, LP – Series A Preferred Units
DCPPRBDCP Midstream, LP – Series B Preferred Units
DCPPRCDCP Midstream, LP – Series C Preferred Units

Link to Tax Package Support

Should you have any problems registering your account, or any questions regarding your K-1, please call K-1 support at 855-478-3367.

Tax Package Support Contact Information:
Phone: 855-478-3367 (toll free)