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Arrow Energy Boasts Powerful Dynamic as a Phillips 66 Aviation Fuel Marketer

Craig Faiman entered the aviation industry in 1977 working at the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport pumping fuel part time during high school. Over a decade later, Faiman left the airport and opened Arrow Energy—a Phillips 66 fuel marketer located in Saline, Michigan— in 1989.

Since the company’s inception, Arrow Energy has been a Phillips 66 marketer which Faiman says is critical to the Arrow Energy business and name.

“Phillips 66 is a premium, international brand which helps set us apart from other third-party fuel providers,” Faiman said. “Other refiners do not have the marketing that Phillips 66 does, so it was an easy decision when we started Arrow Energy nearly 35 years ago, and we haven’t looked back since.”

Faiman’s head of sales, Tom Buhr, is also part of Arrow Energy’s relationship with the fuel provider. He leads the strategy behind marketing Phillips 66 fuel to its 60 dealers from the Great Lakes region all the way down to Texas.

“We have the power of the Phillips 66 brand behind us while boasting the personal, individualized service and care we provide to our customers,” Buhr said. “Our FBOs get the best of both worlds at Arrow Energy.”

Buhr, who celebrated 30 years with Arrow Energy last September, originally planned to be a pilot, receiving his pilot’s license in 1986. His professional plans took a turn while working at Million Air in Cincinnati; he realized he enjoyed ground support more than flying and worked his way up to management. It was at Million Air he met Faiman and then left the FBO in 1992 to work at Arrow Energy.

“I manage Arrow’s relationship with Phillips 66, and over the years have assumed a more public role by representing Arrow at conferences and other events,” Buhr said. “Craig makes everything happen behind the scenes, and along with our entire team, we run a personable yet efficient business.”

Faiman’s son, Nathan, also works at Arrow Energy, serving as company VP. Originally a finance and accounting professional, Nathan switched his career path and entered the family business four years ago and today focuses on all business operations and managing the office of seven employees.

“We are a small team, but it works to our advantage as we offer a personalized approach,” Nathan said. “From ordering to invoicing, we adapt quickly to the industry market while able to have individualized conversations with our customers, all who know everyone in our office by name.”

Buhr emphasized Nathan’s sentiments that Arrow Energy doesn’t flaunt the phrase “good customer service,” but lives it every day through each interaction with their customers.

“The term ‘customer service’ can be thrown around easily, but at Arrow Energy, our staff is incredibly flexible and truly meets the needs of our customers,” Buhr said. “If you’re in need of an emergency delivery or borrowed fuel truck, we make it happen.”

As a Phillips 66 marketer, Arrow Energy also offers its FBOs several Phillips 66 programs and perks, from Contract Fuel and quality assurance to credit card rewards and processing.

“This is just another example of how Phillips 66 has helped power our brand, and vice versa,” Buhr said. “We have built and continue to build our business by working alongside a globally trusted brand while simultaneously being a small, family-owned company that offers a personal and friendly experience.”