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Humber carbon-capture project shortlisted by UK government

The Humber Refinery’s Humber Zero project is one of just 20 projects shortlisted by the UK government for carbon-capture, usage and storage deployment.

“Our carbon-capture facility would be the first of its kind for a refinery,” said Chris Gilbert, Humber Decarbonization Projects Manager. “This has the potential to have a huge impact on reducing industry carbon emissions and support refineries across the globe to do the same through knowledge-sharing.”

Humber Zero is a carbon-reduction project that aims to prevent up to 8 million tons of carbon dioxide from the Immingham industrial area entering the atmosphere by around 2030.

Forty-one CCUS and hydrogen projects across the UK were eligible for consideration, so Humber’s inclusion on the shortlist puts it on track to potentially receive future financial support from the UK government. The government will offer revenue contracts to cover the cost of operating with CCS, as well as potential access to capital support from the £1bn CCS Infrastructure Fund.

The shortlisted projects plan to connect to a carbon dioxide transport and storage network of clusters throughout the UK.

“This announcement provides confidence that CCUS and net zero remain a government priority,” said Gilbert. “Carbon capture and storage is vital in supporting the decarbonization of the UK industry.”

The Humber Zero project is just one of many lower-carbon initiatives at Humber. It’s the only European refinery to produce specialty graphite coke used in electrical vehicle batteries, the first in the UK to make and supply sustainable aviation fuel at industrial scale, and is a collaborator in the Gigastack project, which aims to supply the refinery with hydrogen produced from electrolysis using renewable power. 

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