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Newest ELT member’s advice to team: Keep it simple

The newest member of the Phillips 66 executive leadership team knows how to get things done.

Tandra Perkins, who took on the role of Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Administrative Officer last October, tells her team to focus, keep things simple and execute.

“It’s our responsibility to develop solutions and new ideas, but to take them through the last mile so that they stick and they’re sustainable,” she says.

As a leader, Perkins values authenticity and integrity, and says her approach to leadership and encouraging others comes from looking at how to use opportunities to do good.

“I have come to learn in life that the things you go through, the things you do and the opportunities you’re afforded are actually not about you,” says Perkins. “They’re about the people you can impact around you.”

In a video series featuring Phillips 66 leaders, Perkins talks about her leadership style and how she sees Phillips 66 leading the way in digital technologies.