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‘Our digital capabilities are empowering our people’

Digital capabilities enable the energy transition.

Phillips 66 Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Administrative Officer Zhanna Golodryga drove that message home at the recently held Reuters Events Global Energy Transition 2022 conference in Brooklyn, New York. 

“Our digital capabilities are empowering our people to deliver business outcomes that are supporting our efforts around sustainability and a lower-carbon future,” Golodryga said.

Golodryga joined fellow energy experts Sergio Merchan of electric, gas and renewable energy provider AVANGRID and John Galyen of Danish engineering and technology company Danfoss for a panel on the intersection of digital transformation and the energy transition. The panel was moderated by Sandy Jones of Deloitte. 

Golodryga shared highlights and lessons from the company’s digital transformation, which Phillips 66 embarked on more than four years ago. Golodryga also described how results around agility, efficiencies and smarter business outcomes are enabling a broader business transformation as Phillips 66 delivers on its commitment to provide affordable, reliable energy while advancing opportunities in the emerging energy space and reducing its carbon footprint.

 “It has been exciting for our employees to see the change that we have been able to bring to the organization,” she said. “Digital brings together three major assets — our people above all else, our physical assets and data — and empowers the organization to deliver business outcomes and thrive.” 

Beyond those outcomes, the continuous adoption and implementation of technologies are imperatives for Phillips 66 and the industry in their drive to recruit and retain top talent.

“The new generations of talent are digitally native, and we have to be well positioned to attract them,” Golodryga said. “They are coming into the energy industry for two specific reasons: They know that technology in our industry is critically important, and being part of the energy transition is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The company’s digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way people at Phillips 66 work and unleashing collaboration and innovation throughout the company, Golodryga said. 

“It’s been a fascinating journey so far, and it’s not going to end,” Golodryga said. “I am a big believer that digital doesn’t just meet the energy transition — it enables it.”