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Located in Billings, Montana, our Billings Refinery processes a mixture of Canadian heavy, high-sulfur crude oil plus domestic high-sulfur and low-sulfur crude oils, all delivered by pipeline and truck.

The facilities have fluid catalytic cracking, naphtha reforming and hydrodesulfurization units. A delayed coker converts heavy, high-sulfur residue into higher-value light oils. The refinery produces a high percentage of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels as well as fuel-grade petroleum coke. Finished petroleum products from the refinery are delivered by pipeline, railcar and truck. Pipelines transport most of the refined products to markets in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Washington.

2016-energy-star.jpgThe Billings Refinery was awarded the 2016 ENERGY STAR certification in recognition of its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency. To learn more about our commitment to operational excellence and sustainability, and what is required to earn an ENERGY STAR certification, visit our ENERGY STAR page.

HISTORY: Built in 1949

LOCATION: Billings, Montana SIZE: 2,437 acres (approx.)

WORKFORCE: Approximately 430 employees (including on-site contractors)

  • Transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel & aviation fuel)
  • Aviation fuels
  • Fuel-grade petroleum coke
  • Pipeline
  • Rail
  • Truck

​Citizens Advisory Council

Year established: 1990 

The Billings Refinery Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) provides a forum to share information, concerns and views. CAC members have observed and participated in mock-emergency drills, provided input and feedback to Billings Refinery associated with the federally mandated Risk Management Process and acted as a sounding board for Yellowstone County agencies and businesses as they developed a community-wide communication plan for the general public.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. View the CAC meeting minutes here.

Call (406) 255-2600 for more information.

​By the Numbers

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