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The Humber Refinery is located in Northern Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. The crude oil it processes is supplied primarily from the North Sea and includes light-, low- and medium-sulfur and acidic crude oils. Humber generates a large proportion of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels. Its fluid catalytic cracking unit/thermal cracking/coking configuration enables substantial volumes of other feedstocks, such as low-sulfur fuel oil and vacuum gas oil, to be processed alongside crude oil to fully use Humber’s conversion capability.

Humber has two coking units with associated calcining plants that upgrade the heavy bottoms and imported feedstocks into light oil products and specialty graphite and anode grade petroleum coke. Approximately 70% of the light oils produced in the refinery are marketed in the United Kingdom, with the other products exported worldwide.

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Clean Product Yield Capability: 81%

Nelson Complexity Factor: 11.8


Gasolines Production: 95 MBD*

Distillates Production: 115 MBD*

Crude Throughput: 221 MBD

Total Throughput: 245 MBD

* Clean product capacities are maximum rates for each clean product category, independent of each other. They are not additive when calculating the clean product yield capability for each refinery.
(MBD) Thousand Barrels Per Day

HISTORY: Construction began in 1966 and was completed in 1968

LOCATION: North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

SIZE: 480 acres

WORKFORCE: 1,100 (including contractors)

  • Transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel)
  • Petrochemical feedstocks
  • Home heating oil
  • Anode-grade petroleum coke
  • Pipeline
  • Barge/ship
  • Truck
  • Rail

Community Advisory Panel

Year established: 2002

The Humber Refinery is situated very close to the village of South Killingholme, a community of around 2,000 residents. The refinery’s Community Advisory Panel, the Killingholme Area Advisory Group (KAAG), was established in 2002 with a focus on being a good neighbour and sharing information with the local community. The goal of the KAAG is to promote a better understanding of business at the refinery, our health, environment, safety and quality philosophy; to show that we are mindful of the proximity of the refinery to local residents and that we are committed to being a good neighbour. We are proactive in addressing concerns raised by the group and encourage an open dialogue on matters of importance.

The KAAG is made up of nine citizen members and five company members. Members include teachers from the local school, local elected councilors and general representation from a cross section of the local community.

Meetings are held bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of the month.

Call +44 (0) 0800 387330 for more information.