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The Los Angeles Refinery is comprised of two linked facilities, five miles apart, in Carson and Wilmington, California, about 15 miles southeast of Los Angeles International Airport. Carson processes crude oil, and Wilmington upgrades the intermediate products to finished products.

The refinery processes mainly heavy, high-sulfur crude oil. It receives domestic crude oil by pipeline from California and foreign and domestic crude oils by tanker through a third-party terminal in the Port of Long Beach. The refinery produces a high percentage of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels. Other products include fuel-grade petroleum coke.

The facilities have fluid catalytic cracking, alkylation, hydrocracking, coking and naphtha reforming units. The refinery produces California Air Resources Board (CARB)-grade gasoline and diesel fuels. Refined products are distributed by pipeline and truck to customers in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Clean Product Yield Capability: 90%

Nelson Complexity Factor: 14.3


Gasolines Production: 85 MBD*

Distillates Production: 65 MBD*

Crude Throughput: 139 MBD

Total Throughput: 165 MBD

* Clean product capacities are maximum rates for each clean product category, independent of each other. They are not additive when calculating the clean product yield capability for each refinery.
(MBD) Thousand Barrels Per Day

HISTORY: The Carson facility was built in 1923 and the Wilmington facility was built in 1919

LOCATION: Carson and Wilmington, California, about 15 miles southeast of Los Angeles International Airport

SIZE: Carson is 235 acres (approx.) and the Wilmington facility is 424 acres (approx.)

WORKFORCE: More than 875 employees (including on-site contractors)

  • Transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel)
  • Fuel-grade petroleum coke
  • Pipeline
  • Tank truck

Community Advisory Panel

Year established: 1995

The Los Angeles Refinery Community Advisory Panel (CAP) was launched in 1995. The goal of the CAP is to create an atmosphere of open communication and partnership with neighboring community leaders. The CAP is instrumental in helping us provide information to stakeholders and hear from them on issues or concerns. Each CAP meeting features a brief presentation on refinery operations, a health and safety update, a community relations update, a question and answer session and an opportunity for community leaders to talk about their own activities.

The CAP is comprised of approximately 80 community leaders including educators, neighbors, public safety officers, elected officials, representatives of nonprofit organizations and neighborhood councils from the areas surrounding our Carson and Wilmington facilities.

Meetings are held quarterly.

Call (310) 834-5264 (English) or (310) 543-7431 (Spanish) for more information.

For Public Affairs inquiries, please email:  Phillips 66 LA Refinery Public Affairs at