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The Sweeny Refinery is located in Old Ocean, Texas, approximately 65 miles southwest of Houston, Texas. Refinery facilities include crude distilling, naphtha reforming, fluid catalytic cracking, alkylation, hydrodesulfurization, aromatics units, a vacuum distillation unit, and a delayed coking unit. The refinery produces a high percentage of transportation fuels. Other products include petrochemical feedstocks, home heating oil and fuel-grade petroleum coke. A majority of the refined petroleum products are distributed to customers throughout the Midcontinent region, southeastern and eastern United States by pipeline, barge and railcar. Additionally, refined petroleum products are exported to customers primarily in Latin America by waterborne cargo.

Clean Product Yield Capability: 86%

Nelson Complexity Factor: 13.4


Gasolines Production: 158 MBD*

Distillates Production: 125 MBD*

Crude Throughput: 265 MBD

Total Throughput: 314 MBD

* Clean product capacities are maximum rates for each clean product category, independent of each other. They are not additive when calculating the clean product yield capability for each refinery.
(MBD) Thousand Barrels Per Day

HISTORY: Built in 1942; purchased by Phillips 66 in 1947

LOCATION: Old Ocean, Texas, about 65 miles southwest of Houston

SIZE: 14,000 acres (approx.)

WORKFORCE: Approximately 980 employees

  • Transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel)
  • Petrochemical feedstocks
  • Home heating oil
  • Fuel-grade petroleum coke
  • Solvents (normal hexane, high purity isopentane, mixed pentanes )
  • Sulfur
  • Pipeline
  • Barge/ship
  • Railcar

Community Advisory Panel

Year established: 1992

The Sweeny Refinery Community Advisory Panel (CAP) serves as a forum in which the needs of the community and the refinery’s role in the community are shared in a balanced and positive manner. CAP meetings provide an opportunity to discuss plant operations, community concerns or issues, and the current business climate. CAP members are a diverse group, including civic/academic leaders, government officials, business leaders and owners, retirees, and company management. Phillips 66 representatives on the CAP include the refinery manager, environmental, safety and security, emergency response and community relations personnel. Dedicated to generating open and honest communication between the community and the refinery, the CAP plays a vital role.

The Sweeny Refinery Community Advisory Panel is comprised of approximately 20 citizen members and 25 company members, with an average meeting attendance of 30.

Meetings are conducted quarterly, with facilities and lunch provided by the company.

Call (979) 491-2237 for more information.