Serving the consumer is a top priority for Phillips 66. The company's domestic and international brands reinforce Phillips 66's commitment to consumers by offering superior quality products at service stations and retail outlets. Like all of Phillips 66's brands, the company's lubricants are designed to keep consumers' products operating at optimal levels of performance.



Phillips 66 offers several products and services that provide businesses with high quality fuels, lubricants, chemicals, specialty products and other solutions. Phillips 66 Pipe Line Company operates more than 11,000 miles of pipelines and more than 60 storage terminals in the United States and transports both raw and finished petroleum products


Vendor Relations

Phillips 66 places high value on the company's relationships with vendors and suppliers and strives to ensure that all of its vendors receive accurate, prompt payment and quality service.


Interest Owners

Phillips 66 values its relationship with oil and gas interest owners. The company's Owner Relations Unit works to efficiently provide revenue and to answer all questions in a prompt and informative manner.

Real Estate

Phillips 66 has a number of real estate properties available for purchase or lease in the United States. Properties are currently available in the following states: