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2022 Report

We are committed to providing energy today with an equal focus on providing energy tomorrow.

Guided by our pillars of operational excellence — Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Governance and Financial Performance — we focus on continual improvements that keep our assets and communities strong as we work to meet the world’s energy needs.

employee at Ferndale Refinery in Washington State, holding digital tools

Our Businesses: Today and Tomorrow

We work to meet the world’s growing energy needs and improve lives across the globe. Through our diverse portfolio of assets in our Midstream, Chemicals, Refining and Marketing and Specialties businesses, we manufacture, transport and market products that drive the global economy.

A Closer Look: Our Value Chain

employee at Ferndale Refinery in Washington State, holding digital tools

Environment and Safety

In 2021, sustainability priorities were integrated into key company systems, including capital guidelines, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System assessment, new hire orientation and asset acquisitions.

A Closer Look: Awards and Recognition



Locations Recognized


Energy Star Sites

Refineries that have earned US EPA certification since 2012


American Fuel & Petroleum Manufacturers

Safety Awards

employee at Bayway Refinery, wearing PPE


Good governance and ethics are an integral part of every level of our organization. Rigorous and consistent corporate governance practices contribute positively to our corporate culture and shareholder value.

A Closer Look: Cybersecurity

We recognize the increasing threat of cybercrimes and enforce comprehensive Corporate Information Security policies, standards and technical controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the company’s systems and information assets.

Each year, we conduct a range of IT audits across the company’s IT infrastructure, networks, systems, applications, operational processes and procedures to ensure compliance with our Information Security policies and standards. Process control network assurance audits are done on a rotating schedule with coverage at each facility.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is part of our commitment to social responsibility. Our approach is one of mutual respect. This means respecting human rights, demonstrating our values through action and being a good neighbor.

A Closer Look: Planting Seeds of Cultural Appreciation

New corn, bean and squash plants begin to grow at the Bartlesville Oklahoma offices.

Outside the Phillips 66 Research Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, you’ll find three plants intertwined: the Three Sisters.

In spring 2021, members of our Native American Network Employee Resource Group planted this garden of corn, beans and squash. This method of companion planting supports one another as they grow, deterring pests and increasing yield. Group members say these crops are the center of Native American agriculture and cuisine and provide a starting point for talking about inclusion, diversity and cultural awareness.