Branded Lubricants

Phillips 66 is one of the largest finished lubricants suppliers in the United States. It manufactures and markets Phillips 66® and Kendall®. These diverse brands share more than 400 years of lubricants industry experience, supplying a number of private label and original equipment manufacturers throughout North America.

Phillips 66 Lubricants is firmly established in key lubricants markets, including automotive, trucking, agriculture, aviation, mining, industrial, power generation and construction.

The lubricants distribution network consists of more than 450 marketers, mass merchandise stores, automobile repair locations, fast lubes, tire stores and automotive dealers nationwide.

Base Oil 

Base oil marketing activities include the sale of Pure Performance® hydrocracked base oils to global customers, plus the purchase of base oils from North American refiners to fulfill the manufacturing needs of the finished lubricants product lines. Phillips 66 also has an exclusive agreement with Korea’s S-Oil Corporation to distribute and market high-viscosity index base oils in North America. Visit the site to learn more.


Phillips 66 Lubricants is also a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of a broad array of specialty solvents used in industrial and chemical manufacturing processes. Visit the site to learn more.

Research and Distribution Network

Phillips 66 Lubricants has an impressive distribution network of five proprietary blending facilities that support sales in all 50 states and in over 50 countries worldwide.

Products, Marketing and Industry Expertise

Phillips 66 Lubricants maintains extremely high product standards by consistently developing technologically advanced benchmark products. Marketing support is comprehensive, including wide-ranging competitive programs and industry expertise.

The company also employees Lubestream, an electronic order-to-ship system, for transaction processing and 24-hour communications with customers.

Innovation Driving Engine Protection

The innovative spirit is alive and well at Phillips 66 Lubricants. The introduction of Liquid Titanium® protection additive to our Kendall passenger car motor oils and heavy-duty engine oils has given drivers and fleets an exclusive way to fight wear and reduce friction. Independent testing has confirmed a fuel economy benefit in passenger car engines and enhanced wear protection in heavy-duty engines.

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